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Its Founders


We are a new idea in publishing! BrownHerron Publishing was founded as part of BrownHerron LLC on August 18, 2001.

We have nine founders who manage the enterprise. These are the principals who have continued to grow the company to its current state of success.

You can e-mail a founder. Just click on his or her name. A link to the founder's website is included if it's available.

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Rita Herron Brown (Editor-in-Chief)

... served in Management Development, Honeywell; partner Management General [website]

Tom Brown (Publisher)

... author; editor; journalist; public speaker; partner, Management General [website]

Stuart Crainer (Associate Editor)

... author; biographer; management journalist; co-founder, Suntop Media [website]

Des Dearlove (Associate Editor)

... author; columnist; management journalist; co-founder, Suntop Media [website]

Beverly Goldberg (Executive Editor)

... author; columnist; Vice President, The Century Foundation [website]

Perry Pascarella (Associate Editor)

... author; speaker; award-winning editor, IndustryWeek; was VP at Penton Publishing

Dave Pierson (Chief Technology Officer)

... information technologist; website designer; photographer [website]

Mac Thornton (Art Director)

... graphic artist, major public relations firm; computer wizard

Bill White (Chief Financial Officer)

... financial/marketing advisor to F500 and entrepreneurial firms

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