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We publish e-Docs. BrownHerron Publishing has hundreds of e-Docs in its catalog on

Many authors already have e-Docs online. While we have more than 60 leading-edge thinkers who have signed our Author's Agreement, these are the individuals with active e-Docs offered at present. Our other Author Members are still preparing their materials for immediate publication.

Most of our authors have books in print. We have listed some of their most recent titles next to their name.

To contact an author: You may e-mail the author by clicking on his or her name. A link to the author's website is included if it provides more information about his or her e-Documents.

To find e-Docs by these authors: Simply go to and type in the author's last name in the search box provided on the / BrownHerron page.

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Don Blohowiak

... Author: How's All The Work Going To Get Done?, Lead Your Staff To Think Like Einstein, Create Like DaVinci, and Invent Like Edison

R. Brayton Bowen

... Author: Recognizing & Rewarding Employees

Alan Brinkley

... Author: The End Of Reform, The Unfinished Nation, and other works

Alan Briskin

... Author: The Stirring Of Soul In The Workplace

Tom Brown [website]

... Author: The Anatomy Of Fire, Fiscal Fairy Tales, STRETCH! 21 Events That Will Rock The Next Century

Stuart Crainer

... Author: The Ultimate Guru Book, The Ultimate Business Library, The 75 Greatest Management Decisions Ever Made

Chuck Day

... Co-author: The Making Of The Super Bowl

Des Dearlove

... Author: The Ultimate Book Of Business Brands, The Ultimate Book Of Business Thinking

Mickey Edwards

... Author: Behind Enemy Lines, Hazardous To Your Health, and other works

Charles Ehin [website]

... Author: Unleashing Intellectual Capital

Michael Finley [website]

... Author or co-author: Techno-Crazed; The New Why Teams Don't Work

James Gilmore

... Co-author: The Experience Economy

Beverly Goldberg

... Author or co-author: Age Works, Overcoming High-Tech Anxiety, Corporation on A Tightrope

John Guaspari

... Author: Switched-On Quality, I Know It When I See It

Oren Harari

... Author: The Leadership Secrets Of Colin Powell

Stan Hustad [website]

... Author: You Make The Difference

Sylvia Holladay-Hicks

... Author: The Bedford Guide For College Writers

Seth Janifer

... Journalist

Bill Jensen

... Author: Simplicity, Work 2.0

Debbe Kennedy [website]

... Author: Breakthrough!, Diversity Breakthrough!

Theodore B. Kinni

... Author: Ayn Rand And Business, America's Best

Leslie Kossoff [website]

... Author: Executive Thinking, Managing For Quality

Vicki Lenz

... Author or co-author: The Saturn Difference, Emotion Marketing

Stewart Levine

... Author: The Book Of Agreement

Amy Lorson

... Series Researcher, 25 Great Quotes On...

Robert Lussier

... Author or co-author: Human Relations In Organizations, Management Concepts, Applications & Skill Development

John Mariotti

... Author: Making Partnerships Work, Smart Things To Know About Marketing, The Shape Shifters

Rich McLaughlin

... Co-Author: The Experience-Based Learning Guide: Consulting Tools and Exercises That Facilitate Team Performance and Learning Through Action

Judi Neal

... Founder, Association For Spirit At Work

John Nirenberg

... Author: The Living Organization, Power Tools

Marc Tyler Nobleman

... Author Of Books In "Countries and Cultures" and "American Symbols"; noted cartoonist

Perry Pascarella

... Author or co-author: Christ-Centered Leadership, Leveraging People & Profit

Gerald Pepper

... Author: Communicating In Organizations

B. Joseph Pine II

... Co-author: The Experience Economy

John Reh [website]

... Management Consultant and creator of "People Are Capital"

John Renesch

... Author: Getting To The Better Future, Leadership In A New Era

Dick Richards [website]

... Author: Setting Your Genius Free, Artful Work

Martin Rutte [website]

... Co-author, Chicken Soup For The Soul At Work

Robert "Dusty" Staub

... Author: The Seven Acts Of Courage, The Heart Of Leadership

David Stauffer

... Author: Dinosaur To Dynamo

Andrew H. Van de Ven

... Author: The Innovation Journey

Daniel Tobin

... Author: The Knowledge-Enabled Organization

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